The Aver Agency graces its clients the freedom to express their creative efforts and focus on their administrative concerns.  We specialize in content creation, song title registration and album production.

We work together with our clients to create the best potentials for their creative works. We provide high quality biographies, press releases and Wikipedia article creation.

To ensure that our clients are maximizing their intellectual property, we register the works with the appropriate Performance Rights Organizations, the US Copy Right Office and Sound Exchange. We produce digital and hard copy title database management.

Sometimes you need help with a few tasks during your creative process. We can find a photographer, or a recording/photography studio, even a venue for your special event.

The album creation process can be very tedious and The Aver Agency is here to guide you through the various stages. From strategic album planning , audio production, artist development, social media strategy & branding, mixing and mastering services, cover art creation, studio & photo bookings, to album release parties, our efficient, accurate and transparent administration services allow our clients to do what they do best…create.